BackXPack Review – Best Anti-Theft Bags 2021

BackXPack Review

I know it can be challenging to find a great journey backxpack review that ticks all the right boxes. I believe it must be comfortable, easy to organize, and durable as well.

Depending on what type of traveller you are, some criteria may be more important than others. After all, a business traveller won’t have the same needs as a budget backXpacker .

Travel backXpack brands offer backXpacks for all people and occasions; there is not a “one size fits all” backXpack.

Whether you are looking for the best hiking backXpack Australia offers, the best daypack for travel or the best backXpack for Europe or Asia, it is important to give yourself time to understand exactly what it is you need from a backXpack and the time to find it.

What is the BackXPack ?

An image of BackXPack

As the name implies, a backXpack is a pack you carry on your back. Although Americans didn’t invent the backXpack, we did coin the term. In the U.S., we often refer to a child’s schoolbag as a backXpack, but in a broader sense, a backXpack will be an adequate pack for a day or weekend trip.

A backXpack has two shoulder straps—but on a true backXpack (not just a child’s schoolbag), the shoulder straps actually carry very little of the weight. Instead, the load is mainly diverted to padded hip belts. Why hip belts? Worn properly, hip belts transfer the weight of your backXpack from your shoulders to your hips, allowing you to carry most of the load with your body’s biggest muscles—your legs. But to be effective, especially with heavy loads, the pack’s hip belt must be long enough to wrap around the front of your hip bones, not up at your waist.

A good backXpack for adventuring will be crafted of waxed canvas or a technical fabric. But, you can also find daily-use backXpacks for adults. Find one crafted with premium leather and a laptop sleeve, and you have an exceptional pack for campus or the office. Or, if you use your backXpack for traveling, explore our other leather travel bag options.


When researching what is the best hiking backXpack, you’ll find that many of the backpacks available have no end of great features. The question is, do you really need all of them? While some of the best light backXpack features are super handy, others may add weight or just extra cost to your bag.

Here are some of the extras I recommend keeping an eye out for.

  • Waterproof/Resistant. An essential for many hikers, check that your bag has a waterproof coating that’s reliable, or consider buying a separate rain cover.
  • Adjustable Torso. If you’re going to be sharing your backXpack or want more flexibility, this is a great feature to have.
  • Ventilation. Especially if you’re looking for the best lightweight backXpack for thru hiking, you’ll want ventilation that reduces sweating.
  • External Pockets. More of a matter of personal preference, if you like to have pockets handy on the outside of your pack, these can help store maps, bottles, torches, snacks, or anything else you want accessible.
  • Rain covers. can either be a separate item or built in. Most of my packs don’t have built in rain covers and I must admit I don’t care one way or another. I do use a rain cover sometimes (often to keep animals out) and don’t mind if it’s separate or attached
    Built-in hydration sleeve This is a pretty common feature on packs these days but if you are not a fan of hydration bladders preferring instead to use water bottles, this may not be an issue. Some packs will come with external hydration bladder sleeves which can make it easier to remove and replace your hydration bladder when topping up unless your pack is fully loaded
  • Pockets. are great for keeping snacks, cameras and all those other little things you carry in easily accessible places. Pockets should be easily accessible when wearing the pack. A lack of pockets will make or break a pack choice for me
  • Access. Apart from accessing your gear through the main opening at the top of the pack, some packs provide an ability to access the pack through a lower access point or will allow you to zip open the entire front of the pack. You’ll usually use the lower compartment for sleeping bags, which means you can easily access items without having to pull all the gear out of your pack. I have a personal preference for a single opening on the main compartment of the pack as I use a pack liner to provide extra protection
  • It’s easy to use: it’s convenient, and it’s built to reduce fatigue and tiredness. This makes it an excellent hiking and mountain climbing backpack.
  • It can be used for a variety of purposes: It can be used for your laptop, tablet, groceries, and other products. This makes it perfect for students in college and university.
  • USB charging support: Internal and external USB charging are supported by the BackXPack’s power supply system. Laptops and smartphones all have the ability to be recharged. This is a great choice for travellers who use a portable power supply for emergency purposes.
  • Three compartments with double zippers and hidden pockets: The bag has three separate sized compartments with double zippers and hidden pockets. With a number lock, the largest compartment is extremely safe. To keep valuables belongings secure. The compartments are padded with soft materials.
  • Five colours to choose from: This product has 5 different colours to choose from. The user can opt for Everyday Gray, Fashion Red, Mountain Blue, Young Violet, and Traveler Black.

BackXPack outside features

Other Features Worth Checking Out

The shoulder straps on the pack have some padding. Although, this is by no means a long distance hiking pack. So, don’t expect extreme comfort if you have this pack heavily loaded. It will be ok for short walks, but after that it won’t be super comfortable.

There is a decent carry handle on the top, which is always good for being able to pick up your pack.

On the right hand side pocket is a nice magnetic leather clasp which is handy if you throw something valueable in that pocket (not recommended, but I do it sometimes and forget I have stuff in my side pockets – not the best idea!).

There are also adjustable compression side straps, which help keep things in those pockets (like a longer item – tripod, umbrella etc).

Water Resistant Material

This pack is made from waterproof high grade 900D Nylon that is also water resistant. So, the material looks great (as you can see on the pics) but is also durable and able to take at least a shower in the rain for a while. I would not put it down in a puddle (but who would, right?) but at least you can run for the bus in the rain and not have to worry

Specifications of BackXPack.

  • Strong zipper: A good and strong zipper to avoid inconveniences.
  • Enough pocket: have enough pockets to put things in a well-organized manner.
  • Size: enough in size to carry
    all important belongings.
  • Straps: Enough straps to adjust the bag weight.
  • USB charging support: Internal and external USB charging are supported by this product power supply system.
  • Easy to carry: It’s easy to carry. And make sure you wear it correctly.
  • Colour: 5 different colours.
  • Enough compartments: 3 compartments that ensure enough space to put all necessary items for your trip.

Benefit of BackXPack

The big secret in picking the best rucksack for whatever trip you plan is to pick the smallest you can get away with. This is a rarefied art – you’ll see experienced alpine guides out for the day with the tiniest rucksack you can imagine, and bronze DoE trainees carrying their entire wardrobe – you want to be the former not the latter. That said, don’t be tempted to ‘go ultralight’ just for the sake of bravado, and end up in Scottish winter with a shopping bag.
Our top bag of the moment has to be the Berghaus Fast Hike 32 because it is absolutely all about that fine balance. It’s very light indeed, and mid-sized so will be perfect for pretty much anything short of a lengthy expedition, or a winter adventure that requires lots of hardware. For everything else though, this is super light and feature-packed.

  • Fit: Check and check again that the rucksack fits your back well. Most makes have different back sizes available, so try a few on with both a light load and a heavy one (most shops have weight bags for this). If there’s a hip belt, this should rest on the top of your hip bones, and adjust to a comfortable tightness – this can transfer a lot of weight from your shoulders to your hips, so don’t underestimate the importance of a well-fitting hip belt. And of course, none of this is any good if the straps aren’t adjusted correctly: here’s how to fit a backXpack.
  • Comfort: Walk around and move naturally to see if anything rubs or feels weird. By all means try the super-techno suspended mesh solutions to getting a sweaty back, but rest assured after a long day with a heavy rucksack, your back will be sweaty, so don’t prioritise them over a really good fit.
  • Pockets and straps: Think about what you’ll need to carry, and how accessible you’ll need it to be. Streamlined designs might look smart, but when you’re having to unpack the whole thing to access your torch in the middle of the evening, pockets start to look more appealing.
  • Weight: Weight is a factor in how comfortable a backXpack is. But for carry-on backXpacks, it’s doubly important, as any extra weight will eat into your precious luggage allowance. I test all backXpacks in real-life to get a proper feel for their weight.
  • Usability: Clamshell designs are highly favoured as they give immediate suitcase-like access to your main compartment. Some backXpacks just ‘feel’ better to use, which can be thanks to sensible pocket placement, better accessibility, or useful features like lockable zippers or compression straps.
  • Durability: The materials can make all the difference in whether a pack stands the test of time, as well as its degree of weather resistance. Some adventure-focused backXpacks come with separate rain covers.

How Does BackXPack Work? (BackXPack Review)

Our originated plan fits on relax seats, umbrellas and huge loads of different things. Just insert your assets, zip it up, secure it over the bar and close it. Lock it and swim!

  • Select the blend for your flex lock (and ensure you remember that).
  • Put your contents in the bag.
  • Close the zipper of your bag.
  • Attach the bag to a fixed object.
  • After attaching the bag, simply overlap its fold on the object to snap its lock.

Why we chose it?

If you’re after a versatile all-rounder with a reasonable price tag, it’s hard to go past the Under Armour Scrimmage 2.0. With thousands of positive reviews from Amazon customers, it ticks a lot of important boxes for a lot of different people. We also like the Borealis unisex backXpack from The North Face, which boasts an average rating of 4.8/5 from over 6,800 customer ratings, but its higher price tag saw it miss out here.

Designed to hold up to 15.6-inch laptops, this backXpack review also features a separate compartment where you can pack your everyday essentials. Soft, ventilated padding provides back support, while there’s a luggage strap to allow you to attach the backXpack to your suitcase. Other features include a USB charging point, water-resistant material and an anti-theft back pocket.

Pros of BackXPack.

Well Organised: This product is a good quality backpack that has plenty of pockets that mean you can keep your belongings organised and know where they are when you need them. A well-organised bag can make your life far easier. Pockets with good-quality zips keep your belongings safe. You can keep smaller items that could easily get lost in a large compartment in smaller pockets so that you always know where they are. It’s also a good idea to have separate compartments as well as pockets. This is especially good if you’re planning on carrying your laptop with you, as its own compartment gives it extra protection. If your priority is organisation then this product is the best you can go for.

Comfortable To Transport: Carrying around your belongings in this device is a lot easier than carrying them in other bags. No matter how far you’re going you can carry a BackXPack without becoming uncomfortable. You’re comfortable and have free hands and more able to move around. At the same time, your belongings are kept safe! If you are in a rush and have to run for a bus or train then you will be glad that you’re carrying this device as you can move much more quickly. You also have free hands which allow you to pay for things, show tickets… You can throw your bag on and forget about it. If you are taking this device for travel, they’re far easier to transport than suitcases. If you are hopping on and off different forms of transport and walking around the cobbled streets of cities then a backpack is far more practical.

Carry Your Belongings Safely: When you are looking for a bag that can guarantee the security of the belongings that you are carrying, this product is the perfect solution for you. Traditional bags like suitcases, briefcases or shoulder bags usually don’t have as much padding. They can also be bulky and hard to carry which means that they are more likely to get bashed around. Despite the fact that this device is flexible and lightweight, they provide maximum security for the products inside them. Moreover, these devices are waterproof. That means the fabric of this product can save your belongings from getting wet. You can carry important papers, clothes or electronic devices with you without worrying about them getting damaged by water. This product BackXPack review provides you with the benefit of carrying your belongings securely even in bad weather.

Take Care Of Yourself: Carrying anything on your back may cause you back pain or strain. If the weight isn’t equally divided between the two straps of this product, it may cause pain. However, bags that you carry on your shoulder can be far worse as they mean you are off-balance. Similarly, suitcases with handles can mean you end up stooping. The solution is this well-designed BackXPack.

Can Be Carried For A Long Period Of Time: If you carry your belongings in this device, you will be able to carry them for longer without experiencing discomfort. Going backpacking or hiking? You will be carrying your belongings in your Back XPack. So, with this high-quality device, you will be able to carry your belongings for a long time without experiencing shoulder, neck or back pain. Soft, padded straps mean that you will be more comfortable for longer

Cons of BackXPack.

Stock is limited: Because of the quality of BackXPack review and the product, interested customers are buying these beautiful Anti-theft bags in large quantities and thus, limiting the existing stock. Order now before it becomes a story of had you known.

Online marketing: This product is only available on the official website, which is the sole known downside. There is no offline stock available.

Discount: The discount might not last longer.

How Much Does BackXPack Cost?

Consumers can only order this product by going to the official website. Since there is a massive discount off the retail price of the bag, this program contains the following options:

1 BackXPack for $89

3 BackXPacks for $177

5 BackXPacks for $267

Once the user chooses how many of these bags they want, they can also choose the color as well. BackXPack is available right now, with the different colors of your choice!

All of the product can be protected with a 3-year warranty for an additional $9

Where Can You Buy BackXPack?

 And do not spend hours on the phone trying to get to customer support teams that do not care. Everything you need is right on the official website.

Your purchase is secured this means that attackers will not be able to view or steal your details. However, if you do not buy from the official website, you are running the risk of exposing yourself to scammers. Ensure that you are buying from the official website. 

Is BackXPack Worth for its price?

Back X Pack, on the other hand, is the best anti-theft backpack money can buy. It has all of the most up-to-date features that a backpack can have. It has an anti-theft feature to keep your belongings secure.

In its three big compartments, you can store all of your key electronics and gadgets. It’s made of water-resistant material to keep your store’s contents safe from water damage. Simply, this product has everything you might possibly want in a backpack, and the price is unquestionably justified.

Customer Review


The Osprey Farpoint is a SOLID pack, one of my favourites… But it isn’t the best for trekking, I would personally want something with a proper hipbelt and ventilated back.

Denise Carroll
I have had an Osprey Tallon rucksack for a number of years, one problem it leaks even with a new rain cover on. It is comfortable but it makes it more difficult to pack if everything has to go into dry bags before packing. I am looking at a Lightwave rucksack as they seem to be more rain resistant and do better sizes for a small woman.

Will Hatton
That’s a very good point – the Osprey talon is great for weekend hikes but if I was heading on a proper expedition, or into the Himalayas for a couple of weeks, I would go for a bigger backXpack with better rain protection for sure.

BackXPack review United States.

Outstanding customer service, competitive price and quick shipment. Would definitely order from them again. Keep up the good work!! I am totally enjoying my BackXPack.- Robert.

BackXPack review United States.

My order for this device for my son arrived ahead of schedule. The quality of the product was superb,

The USB charging port outside and inside the cable is fantastic! Friedrich.

Conclusion on BackXPack.

This device is ideal for carrying your most important belongings in comfort and safety. With what we discussed about this product,

review. Its water-resistant fabric provides excellent protection in the rain and outdoors. Laptops, books, clothing, and utensils can all be stored in the three compartments. The main part has a number lock protection system to keep your belongings secure.

This device is ergonomically designed with an adjustable strap to give the best comfort with firmness when carrying it. You can use

while travelling, to go for a walk, go hiking, go to work or take them to the gym. It is lightweight and durable. Get the BackXPack right now with impressive offers